Arcade Cocktail cabinets with 48 or 60 Multigames in 1

Remember when you spent your youth in the arcade or corner store or fish and chip shop? well you can have the same thing in your home and with high quality locally made cabinets our cabinets are not the cheapest but we use high quality components and cabinets and the quality stands out.

Available in Black or Brown finsh with a choice of games as per the list below, you can now one have in your house with an affordable price cocktail cabinet with all the classic games.

Quality never comes cheap but it lasts.

You can buy a machine on line but is from an Amusement machine company or ebay ? can they repair it or are you left with a large replair bill? Thinking of buying a 1001 or similiar be warned we have stoped repairing them as they are to unreliable and owners are left upset

Or are you thinking of E-bay? We don't sell brake parts, tyres as a main living and sell these as a side line

But you are going to pay nearly as much for a new one?

So if you want one for your games room make an enquiry and we will only be to happy to help you. Our Cabinets come with a 2 year warranty e - bay 6 months or nothing at all ?

Our cabinets that are Australian made come with a 2 year warranty!

Price for 48 in 1 is $2250.00

Price for 60 in 1 is $2490.00

Games available on 48 in 1 board are

Speed-up Versio

1943 Arkanoid
Amidar Bomb Jack Burger time
Centipede Crush Roller Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong junior Donkey Kong 3 Dig Dug
Frogger Gyruss Galaga
Galaga 3 Galaxian Hustler
ladybug Juno Firstr Millipede
Mr Du Mr Du's Castle Pacman Jr
Ms Pac Man Mappy Moon Cresta
New Rally X Pacman Pac-Man Plus
Scramble Shao-lin-road Space Invaders
Space Panic Super Breakout Super cobra
Super Pac Man Pengo Phoenix
Pinball Action Qix Tank Batalion
Time pilot Van van Car Xevious


n) Ms. Pa * Universal JAMMA Connecto


News Flash ! New 60 in 1 games in stock now. Extra games are 1943 Kai, Jumping Jack, Pac-Man (Speed-up Version) Gunsmoke, Galaga ( speed up version), Pleiads, Jr. Pac-Man (Speed-up Version), Ms. Pac-Man (Speed-up Version), Pac-Man Plus (Speed-up Version), Pooyan, Congo Bongo

ew High Score Sav

Gunsmoke Pac-Man Plus (

We use the orignal Hankin cabinet shape and design with all new parts including Power supply, Monitor and chassis, joysticks and buttons. we get many enquires for repairs from people that buy machines off e bay but we have decided that we will no longer service them due to the poor quality that these machines are sold to customers

Phone 0418 456 823B

Fax only 07 5535 3684

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