How do i organise a booking / hiring of equipment


Call or e-mail us with the item required you would like to hire and for the length of time . We will confirm a price and Bookiing confirmation number.

Step 2 .

To confirm the booking you will be required to pay the hire in full at least 48 hours ( 2 days prior) to the hire by direct deposit or credit card. A Credit card imprint is required upon delivery for any possible damage or theft of the equipment.

Step 3.

We will call you at least 24 hours prior to the time of your hire/delivery to confirm your booking and payment details. your equipment will be delivered and some over the age of 18 must sign a delivery receipt tjhat your equipment has been delivered and we will also need to pick up the rental agreement.

Step 4.

Enjoy the hire.

Step 5.

We will advise you when we will return to collect the equipment and do it all over again with your next event ( and special rates on most items for repeat hires)

Q. How much room does a pool table need?

A. To Calculate the minimum size needed add an extra 5ft ( 1.5 metres ) to the dimensions of your pool table. Our Hire pool tables are 7ft in length x 3and a half ft in width.

Q. Can your Pool Tables/Amusement Machines be taken upstairs.?

A. Only a pool table can provided 2 things, 1 it is a straight stairwell with 1.3 metres in width 2. or if a turn is involved 1.5 metres in width. an extra fee will be involved however.

Q. How old do I have to be to hire.?

A. At least 18 years of age to sign a rental hire agreement. which will be e-mailed or posted to you, in advance of your hire.

Q. What if the equipment hired gets damaged?

A. if any of  Austral Amusement Co's equipment is damaged, you will be charged for the damage so make sure that it is looked after and we will all be happy at the end. As you, The Hiree is responible for the equipment whilist under hire.

Q. If i need to cancel a booking/ hire what do i need to do?

A. If cancelled 3 weeks or more away from your booking date a 50% refund is offered, inside 3 weeks no refund is offered

Q. Can i get a refund if we do not use all the helium gas ?

A. No Sorry

Q. Do yu sell lights and effect machines as well as hiring them?

A. yes we do in store and on our on line shop

Q.How far do you deliver and what are the costs?

A.Delivery is free, (except for lighting orders under $200.00) in the area's South to Tweed River, West to Coomera river crossing and North to Coomera river. Area's outside this area will attract a small delivery fee based on the extra distance involved, and yes we do deliver to Brisbane area and south to Ballina

Pinball Information

We Are Queensland's leading supplier of Pinball machine sales and hires from new ones like Spiderman and the Simpson's Pinball Party to Classic's like Addam's Family and Twilight Zone you are dealing with people who have the knowledge and the parts and resources to get the job done. We also buy used pinballs as well.

Be wary of buying pinballs that have been imported from overseas ( you can tell them by the fact that they generally have three coin slots) they have been brought in at a cheap price because they have been poorly maintained and in most cases have been butchered in the electronics, and can cost big $$$ later to sort these out.

There are many places to buy a Pinball machine from but, have they been in the Business for over 18 years in the same area. Can they offer you back up service and parts in stock? at Austral Amusement Co our pinball machines, are throughlly striped down to a bare playfield and cleaned any broken bits replaced or in the case of the top plastics if not available we can repair them. then new globes and rubbers installed and then rebuilt that is why people keep ringing us for their games requirements from referals of friends. Be careful of buying pinballs on line second hand as there are people out that say that they have been done up but 9 times out of 10 they are not and they can be poor quality imports.

We may not be the cheapest but you can be assured of the quality, since 1990, that's why we are still in the business.

We have a large range of parts for sale in our on line store under Pinball spare parts

Q. What price do pinballs machines start at to buy?

A. At about $1700.00 and up tp $8000.00 for a new one.

Q. i can remember when pinnies sold for $500.00.

A. yes we all can but like everything involving supply and demand the market dictates the price